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Ned Gobsmacked (draft)

Ned Stark was walking along the balcony and saw something. Princess Myrcella had a bow and was aiming at the target, while her brother was standing directly in front of it. Ned started forward in alarm, but then paused as he saw Tommen reach forward, catch the arrow, and then twirl and hurl the arrowContinue reading “Ned Gobsmacked (draft)”

Royal Advice (draft)

She was walking back to her bedsit, after gathering some provisions, her kitten Sunset pouncing on and sniffing everything. She heard a high-pitched male voice from a nearby alleyway “Myr, what she look like?” “I – don’t – know, Tom!” (exasperately) “Uncle Tyrion just said she was the best person to ask. He probably didn’tContinue reading “Royal Advice (draft)”

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